Thoughts – Staying with In-Laws

I know I’m not the only one. And I know probably quite a handful of people are facing this too. All I can say is, for the only child, please take care of your partner’s feelings and position too. He/She will be the one that you are going to spend your whole life with, and thus, please help as much as possible, where possible.

No, I am not an only child. I have an elder sister. But my husband-to-be is one. And his father had passed away quite a while ago. Since young, he was more or less taken care by his mother only. The decision to make the mother stay with us is not something that he decided only recently. It had always been the case. But that wasn’t what I had intended. My upbringing is somewhat totally different from him. My parents never supported the idea of staying with parents, especially in-laws because we have seen so many cases (negative ones).

Nonetheless, since I’d decided to be with him, I need to accept this fact. I did. But accepting the fact and staying together with so many different habits just make all the differences.

Today, we finally got our keys to our new house. It was definitely a joyous occasion. But after the rituals and things, I’m somewhat frustrated. Maybe it’s due to the hectic schedule both at work and for personal things, and the extremely lack of sleep┬áthat made me got so pissed off. The last thing that I ever wished for at that point was some kind of peace and quiet, and not naggings or changes. But alas, it was slightly more than what I can handle at that point. And I’m glad to be helped by both my mother and husband-to-be when they saw me losing my patience.

The actual living together haven’t start but I think it would be good if the couple were to talk and sort it out first before marriage. It’s always better not to have any direct clash with the in-laws. So the partner who is stuck in the middle, should be the one who needs to handle everything.

Handle it wisely.

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