Movie – When Hainan Meets Teochew

This is definitely one of the funniest and nicest local productions I’d ever seen, starring Lee Chau Min (a.k.a. Hainan Kia), Tan Hong Chye (a.k.a. Teochew Mei), YEO Yann Yann (Hainan Kia’s ex-girlfriend)!

The movie is about a manly woman (Hainan Kia) and a womanly man (Teochew Mei) who happens to stay in the same block. One fine day, when Teochew Mei was walking at the ground floor, a bra dropped down on his head, and at the same time, he stroked first prize in 4D. So, he took the bra back, considered it as a “lucky bra” and kept it.

Hainan Kia then went around searching for her bra and distributed notifications around her block. And due to some reasons, she suspected Teochew Mei to be the one who took it, and thus went to his house (he’s a tenant) to search for it. They ended up arguing and Teochew Mei got “kicked” out by his weird landlord and that’s how everything started, when Hainan Kia offered him to stay at her vacant room that used to be her ex-girlfriend’s.

This movie is really funny, a romance comedy, but as usual with most of the local productions, some of the jokes that they said are “localized”. But the funnier thing is the idea of a manly woman and a womanly man ending up together. Though funny, it actually seems quite sweet. After all, it is quite true that sometimes, you just need a company when you are old, and ain’t looking for anyone spectacular, extremely beautiful or handsome.

Nice and funny to watch. Totally recommending it!

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