Food – Emerald Hill No. 5 @ Somerset

Sometimes, the one person that you can trust, turns out to be lying to you. Something that you always thought to be true, isn’t that true too. Some hopes just vanished when the reality fell in… That’s where probably a drink with friends will cheer you up a little, de-stress you a little and get you away from all the troubles… a little…

I’m at Emerald Hill No. 5, with two of my ex-colleagues now. Nice bunch of friends whom I’m really glad to know. Emerald Hill No. 5 is located directly opposite Somerset MRT (313 @ Somerset), and a short walk up the slope with a stretch of pubs. Emerald Hill No. 5 is one of them.

We sat at the outside and luckily, it was a cool night. Drinking beer, with wedges and chicken wings (nice!), and chatting each of our problems away. What more can you ask for?

The services are good, and so is the ambience. Centrally located with lots of cabs at the taxi stand outside of Centrepoint which is less than 5 minutes walk from there. It’s definitely a good place to sit, relax and rot.

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