Thoughts – Career Change

I’ve always wanted a career change, especially after working for 6 years in this line. Information Technology is definitely not my forte. But what else can I do? A friend asked me recently to join his company as an Interior Designer. Can I do that? I wonder… Yes, I can if I wanted to for I think I’m a more creative person and has always had a keen interest in interior design, fashion design, graphics design etc. Yes, it’s a wide range, but to me, its all designing.

But then… it’s not so easy to change as and when you like it. Especially if you are living in a country where money seems to be everything.

So I drew up a list and seriously consider it. After all, it’s quite an opportunity.

  • Salary earned
  • Working days and hours
  • Interest
  • Annual and medical benefits
  • Environment

5 main points. But I guess, in the end, I decided not to change. It’s just not the right time, especially at a point where I have more commitment and am ready to settle down and start a family soon (or at least I’m thinking of trying to).

A lot of times, it’s not just about interest. There’s really tons of things that one need to consider before making a decision especially if one has a family or any commitment. And it’s always best to list all the pros and cons out. But then, if the current job really isn’t to your liking and you have a really supportive group of people behind you, there’s always no harm to just change it. All I can say is, think and plan it well.

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