Movie – Into the Woods (Musical)

This is so funny! It’s the first musical play that I’d watched since my school days and it’s definitely entertaining enough for me! And it’s the first time I watched it at Esplanade!! But as it was the same day as the NDP Rehearsal, the parking was full everywhere and we had to park at Shaw Towers, and almost run on our way there. But luckily we reached just 10 minutes before the musical starts.

Anyway, this musical, “Into the Woods”, is a combination of a few fairy tales, which includes Cinderella, Jack & the Bean Stalk, Little Red Riding Hood, Rapunzel and a Baker & his wife. The story is about the Baker & his wife who longed for a child, and one fine day, the witch came and told him that a curse was put on their house because of his father. And to remove the curse, the baker and his wife must fetch 4 items for her – a glass shoe, a cow white as milk, a red hood and golden hair from a corn.

So, the baker and his wife then started their search by going into the woods. And at the same time, Cinderella wanted to go to the ball, and thus she went through the woods and to the ball too. Little red riding hood, as usual, passes by the woods to go to her grandmother’s house and Jack wanted to go to the market to sell his cow.

From there, the baker met Jack, and bought his cow with some of the beans that he found from his father’s coat, saved little red riding hood and her grandmother from the wolf, and thus she gave him her hood, and managed to get Cinderella’s glass shoe. But of course, I’m not going to write the whole story out.

If you are interested, better do so because it will be available in Singapore until 7 August! Watch it quick!

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