Blog #0108

This is such a dilemma. Initially we thought we had finally settle it since the difference was almost $2,700. But why did Uncle offer to reduce by another $2,000? Though it’s still $700 more than the other, but to reject him seems a little cruel. But then again, there’s so many considerations to think…

Why I would want to choose Uncle?
– The other seems more stingy because every little bit counts
– The design of the other doesn’t seem as nice, at least definitely not for the shoe cabinet
– Gave us a lot of ideas and pointed out a lot of things because more experience

Why I would want to choose the other?
– Not sure if I can still trust Uncle to do a good job after he reduced his price of about $3,300 (although he said $2,000 is from his boss)
– Am rather irritated with the fact that they can reduce their price to be same as the other when they have GST
– Don’t like the position of all the glass door, e.g. how can a glass door cannot open fully or block the fridge?

So how? Renovation is definitely a headache!

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