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I spent my whole morning at the subordinate court observing the system, but at the same time, I observed a lot of other things, and of course, learned quite a few things. It’s been known that Singapore is a FINE city, which is a pun, of course. Though there were signs everywhere stating that for example, if you litter, you will get a fine, never have I actually witnessed any such incidents before that anyone got caught on that. And, of course, I won’t ever get caught because I won’t ever litter. Anyway, today at the court, I was rather surprise at the number of defendants, around 50 of them and mostly littering cases. So what have I observed and wondered…

  • Out of the 50 defendants, none of them are female. According to one intern’s conclusion, it could be because female tend to throw the rubbish into their bag
  • For the first timer, the charge will be 3 hours of CWO (Corrective Work Order) or $600 in 2 days
  • For the second timer, the charge will be 3 hours of CWO (Corrective Work Order) + $500 in 2 days
  • Regardless of whether there’s mitigation (plead for leniency etc) or not, if it’s those minor charges like littering, there doesn’t seem to be any differences except that the Judge will tell the defendant that he/she hopes that it’s the last time
  • There are some people who plead guilty and said that they are sorry, but are they? Seriously? Because their face doesn’t really show it
  • It’s better, easier and cheaper to plead guilty and pay the fine or do the CWO instead of fighting your way out of littering unless you’ve got really good witnesses
  • There’s so many dustbins around, why aren’t people using it?
  • It might be true that in other country, it’s common to just litter but if one intend to stay or work in Singapore, I guess one just have to follow the rules

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