Thoughts – Importance of a Nice Resume

This is it. I tendered as of 5 August 2011, and will be serving my 14 days of notice, thus, 19 August 2011 will be my last day in this company. Though I don’t have much feelings for this company, nonetheless, it still feels kind of sad to leave. But its better to be now than needing to give a 2 months’ notice, isn’t it?

At the same time, I signed the letter of acceptance with the other company. The only thing I know when I was offered this job is – I will be, and need to stay in this new company for quite a while, for a reason – I need to have a nice resume.

Resume. A few pieces of paper that states your employment history. But the one thing that employers will always look out for other than the experience, is the length of time that one stays in that company. After all, who will want to employ someone who “hops” around, commonly known as a job-hopper.

This will be my 5th job since I graduated. First job – 6 months. It’s a sub-contract and there wasn’t much prospects and so I decided to leave shortly after I joined. The second one was 4.5 years. I’m glad that I have at least a job which I stayed for quite a while to indicate that I’m not really job-hopping. The third one was a one year contract, and then lastly, a 4 months in my current job. It’s definitely not very nice, especially for the last 2 jobs. The time is too short and after going for a few rounds of interview, the common question that they asked was – why do I want to leave my company after such a short time?

Well, if I can say the truth, it’s basically because I don’t find much prospects there, and the money wasn’t really that good and therefore I didn’t really want to waste my time. But honestly, as much as employers don’t like job-hoppers, I don’t like to job-hopped either. It’s tiring to go for interviews and had to start all over again.

But yes, it is important to have a nice resume, and work for longer periods of time in a company so that employers doesn’t have to question much. After all, who would like to employ and train someone, to only know that he/she will be leaving soon after? It’s definitely a waste of money and resources for the company. Not to mention about the frustration of guiding a new staff again and again.

So if your resume isn’t that nice now, then I guess it’s time to just bite the bullet and stay in whatever company that you are in now for a longer period of time, just to make your resume look nicer. No, 1 year is not enough. Make it longer, to at least 2 years, that will look nicer. Plan ahead.

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