Food – Red Star Restaurant @ Chinatown

Yes! Dim sum at last! I’d been craving for dim sum for a long while. Had tried arranging with friends and family but to no avail. But yesterday after bugging my boyfriend for a while, and telling him that I feel like eating dim sum for the don’t-remember how many times already since February, he finally skipped him gym session and brought me to Red Star Restaurant for dim sum now!

It’s a rather old restaurant located at Chin Swee Road, at the car park building. So if you ever want to eat in that restaurant, the best is to drive and park your car at level 6 (I think that’s the highest) so that you don’t need to walk the flight of stairs. Especially for now, there seems to be some lift maintenance or upgrading so it can’t be use.

Anyway, the food is nice, and it’s still the old kind of Hong Kong style where the waitresses will push the trolleys out, which consists of different varieties for each. And then you pick the ones that you want from there.

This place is definitely crowded especially at 7-8am for breakfast. We were there rather late, at around 9.30am and therefore the crowd had already dispersed. Saw one artiste though and heard from one of the auntie working there, Fann Wong and Christopher Li had just left. Well, I guess there’s also a reasons why so many artistes frequent there isn’t it?

Oh right, the price is a little steep though. Price per plate on average cost about $4.20. But probably for some reasons, their service charge is only 5% instead of the normal 10%!

When am I going to eat this again? Probably next week! Planning in progress… Enjoy your food!

Some details on the restaurant:
Red Star Restaurant
54 Chin Swee Road #07-23 Singapore 160054
Opening Hours: 7am – 3pm, 6pm – 11pm

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