Food – Two Chefs Eating House @ Commonwealth

There was a huge crowd and a long queue. And we weren’t allowed to sit and wait at the table even though we made a reservation because not all of us has arrived. Weird, I thought. Why aren’t we allowed to sit and wait, it’s not as if they let other people take our seats first. At that point, the table that was reserved for us, were left vacant. Weird. But still, we waited for the rest to reach (almost) before we attempted to request to sit down.

I’m now at the Two Chefs Eating House located at Blk 116 Commonwealth Crescent, a coffeeshop-like Tzi Char stall. I just finished my dinner and am waiting for the rest to finish. Seriously, there’s really a lot of people waiting, from the point where I reached, till after I finished my dinner. Was it really that nice?

Hmm… I have no idea what’s so special about this eating house. It seems like some normal coffeeshop Tzi Char stall. Well, the food wasn’t that bad but it wasn’t that great either to have so many people wanting to queue and eat here. But there again, there’s a lot of weird people in Singapore who claims to find that some food are really nice and they can actually queue and wait for it. To me, every time I tried those, half of the time, I just find them really normal.

Anyway, yes, there’s some rather special dish in this eating house, for example, the buttery pork ribs or something like that (refer to the picture, the powdery one). It’s supposed to be pork ribs covered with some butter powder (definitely not cheese). Nice? I find it alright only. The herbal chicken doesn’t really tasted that herbal either so…

Verdict? Generally the food tasted quite nice, but just that if the queue is really that long, maybe can try to eat at some other places. Otherwise, try to make a reservation beforehand. The price is relatively quite alright. There’s 8 of us and it cost around $133 in total, and we ordered 2 crabs too (crabs are okay). Oh yes, the nearest MRT is at Commonwealth, but you’ll need to walk around 10-15 minutes before you will reach this place.

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