Shopping – Borders Sale @ Expo

Wow! I just went to the BEST SALE EVER! My initial intention was to visit the Harvey Norman Sale at Expo to look out for the electronics items but ended up staying for hours inside the Borders Sale because each book cost only $2!! I really mean ANY BOOKS!

Oh yes, it’s over. By the time I left the place and had the time to write this down, I believe it’s over, or more or less over. The sale starts from the 5 August until 7 August, which is today. Of course, for the previously two days, I guess they don’t have the $2 per book kind of promotion, until today, because I’ve seen stickers that pasted $10 and $5. And I think I’m really lucky!

Anyway, there’s a wide range of books for both the fiction and non-fiction titles. I grabbed quite a few. 19 books in total. Crazy? Oh no, I’ve seen a lot of other people who bought more than that. But it’s definitely worth it! Imagine previously all these books cost at least $15 each. Some priced at $30. And now, it only cost me $38! Woohoo! I’m in great mood today and probably the next few days because I’ve got more books to read! Don’t you simply love books?

Well, this is my first time going to Borders sale, but I think I’ll watch out for more, especially during it’s last day of sale so that I can grab it really cheap!

Cheerios! ^^

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