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Any idea how it feels when your happy mood is suddenly destroyed by a wave of temperamental weather? I can tell you. It SUCKS! Am I a happy person by nature? Oh yes, generally, I try to be in good mood, if nothing really bad had gone wrong. Today is, Singapore’s birthday, and there happened to be a warehouse sale (apparels)¬†which was held only twice a year in recent years. I woke up happily at 7am and prepared to grab whatever I can and yes, I did, and I was extremely happy.

But somehow, when I met my dearest for lunch, and the moment I saw him, I just asked him to help me buy a plate of fried hokkien noodle which I didn’t because I was famished just now. And he did, without saying anything. But when he’s back, his whole face was almost black. I tried to “poke” him and see what’s wrong and all he could replied was “then don’t talk lah”. Great.

Did I do something wrong? Oh yes. Probably because I got him to buy something the moment I saw him. And yes, because he couldn’t find any other things to eat, so he’ll end up eating that one which he probably doesn’t want to eat. Is that considered wrong to you? I pondered hard, if he doesn’t want to help me to buy, I would rather he VOICE it out then show me the face. I told him before. He don’t have to eat the fried hokkien noodle if he don’t want to, at most I’ll just pack it back or waste food. What is wrong with him? Or me?

No. I just don’t feel like apologizing because I don’t see the need to. I don’t see where I did exactly wrong. I could have done it better but nothing wrong. He could have done and handle it better too but he didn’t. I won’t talk to him. For what? I jokingly talked and ended up reprimanded by him. What should I be the one who gave in first?

I don’t see any reasons why.

Happy Birthday, Singapore.

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