Blog #0115

I am falling asleep… my eyes could hardly open… I’m writing this in my brain…

I woke up today at around 6.30am. Not that I wanted to but as usual, I did. My brain though tired, didn’t want to sleep no more. Same for the previous day. As much as I’m still mentally and physically tired, and knew that I’ve got a long day to go. I could do nothing but to endure it.

I went out at 8.30am to turn on the water and electricity supply for my new home. Alas. The uncle that came (from Singapore Power), started complaining on one of the owners who got him to wait for more than 30 minutes and yet was still very unreasonable.

Then i continued my day to a sumptuous Dim Sum breakfast at the Red Star Restaurant (again). Well, it wasn’t really that fantastic because firstly, I just went not long ago. And secondly, a bunch of them were late. By the time we left there, I was half hungry already.

After that, we went to West Coast Plaza where I grabbed some bread and tidbits, and proceeded our way to a friend’s house around West Coast. Then that’s it. We rotted there, for the whole day. Ordered pizza for dinner and continued to rot there. Watching TV, gossiping, eating and rotting.

By now, almost 18 hours of staying awake, I think I’m fainting… Don’t think I’ll try this kind of outing again. I’m old. I need rest. *LOL*

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