Shopping – Hafary @ Defu Lane

It’s all located around Defu Lanes, but among the few that I went, this is the best of all…

Today is the day to choose the tiles for my new house. We picked up our ID from his office and went to Defu Lane instead. The plan originally was to meet him at Balestier but the ID’s car broke down and thus in the end, we went to pick him up instead and went to the nearby shops (since his office is located around Kovan).

He first brought us to Hafary, located around Defu Lane 10. The showroom was rather big and bright, and there were a lot of varieties of tiles. The showroom was definitely beautifully decorated. And there sure is other customers around.

We shortlisted two of the tiles for our living room, and the staff over there got us a sample each so that we can place it on the floor to compare. Eventually, we made our first and second choice after 15 minutes of discussion.

Then, we proceed to another shop, which is located along Defu Lane 9. Honestly, I’d forgotten the name. But the mere sight at the entrance of the showroom gave a big discount. It’s more of a factory than a showroom. But anyway, we followed our ID and sadly, there weren’t a lot of varieties to choose from. And the one that I preferred, was out of stock. While the other, which was exactly the one that we chose in Hafary, was slightly more expensive by $0.20 psf.

So, we went on to the last one, and this was even worse, located at Defu Lane 1 (Hong Lee, if I’m not wrong). Nobody came to serve us. The place seems rather run-down. And the price was much higher by $0.50 psf.

That’s it. We made our choice. Fast wasn’t it? Around half an hour and we finished choosing our tiles.

But then again, if you are intending to shop on your own, maybe Balestier will be a much better choice. I wouldn’t comment much on that since I’d never been there. Enjoy choosing your tiles! Especially if you wanted something creative, e.g. using mosaic tiles.

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