Blog #0118

6.47am – Yeah! It’s my last day at work! *So happy*

8.01am – Off to work! Never felt so happy going to work for such a long time.

10.39am – OMG… I think the users are trying to catch me while I’m still here too.

12.49am – I really am in a happy mood, ain’t I? I can’t help grinning since I woke up today. But it’s just too bad that I can’t seem to clear finish my things, especially the deployment. Never mind, still got about 5 hours. Cleared the documents, now the email. Then will focus on the deployment where possible.

1.48pm – Time to handover… Slowly…

3.20pm – Half way there only. Still got another half. Hmm… 2.5 hours, enough? O.O

5.32pm – Done handing over! 30 minutes left to clear with finance and IT department. Woohoo!

6.05pm – I’m officially jobless for the next 3 days!

6.09pm – The security guard for the shuttle bus is definitely an idiotic one. He asked me for the bus pass and I told him I returned it because it’s my last day of work. Then he asked me again at least another 3 times before I shut him up with ‘So can I take this bus or not?’. Eventually he nodded his head. WTF. But it’s okay, all is well, it’s my last day and I won’t meet this stupid security uncle again.

7.09pm – Celebration time!

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