Thoughts – It Takes Time

I was watching the 10pm Hong Kong drama on the TV while doing my work and suddenly one scene caught my attention. One of the female lead was crying really badly. She loves a doctor who has a girlfriend, and at some time, he two-timed her, which she don’t really mind. He had also wanted to break off with his girlfriend and be with her but then in the end, for some reason, he decided to get married with his girlfriend. Devastated, the female lead didn’t know what to do and she couldn’t concentrate at all.

At the same time, the guy whom she used to like, told her that it takes time to heal. And as a doctor herself, she should know that better than anyone else. Yes, that’s the thing that caught my attention. It takes time. Be it a physical or emotional wound, do not expect, and do not force yourself to heal that wound.

He then suggested to her to write down her thoughts and how she felt, as writing is good for a person both mentally and emotionally. She decided to try it.

As much as this is only a drama and that the content of it is all made up, I, do find this extremely useful too. To write as a form of throwing out your frustrations or whatever, especially if you have nobody to talk to. To write and let your thoughts and feelings flow out instead of cooping up in the head.

This is what I had been doing, ever since young. And it helps, most of the time. Yes, it takes time, indefinitely.

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