Blog #0120

Lying on the beach mat on a sunny afternoon, with my extremely big hat and sunglasses that shuns the light away from my face, I couldn’t help but feel so relax. Furthermore, I couldn’t quite remember when was the last time I felt like this…

It’s almost a year… from the extremely busy days, to the happy days, and then to the confused days, or months to be exact. Though confused, I won’t disagree with the fact that it probably are one of the best times I had in my life. The time where I know the meaning of true love, of sacrificial love, the beauty of love, and many more aspects of it.

How amazing that things turned out to be. I’ve gone a big round to only be back at square one, yet not exactly at square one. Probably you too.

Though things seem to have changed, but please believe me, it hadn’t, especially you. For every word that I’d said is true except that it had been hidden, for a greater purpose of love.

Okay, that’s all for now. Need to stop and build sand castles with my young cousin and niece. Life is good.

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