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I’m not in the mood to talk. Not yet. Not after whatever that occurred for the past few months. Yes, you might be joking but yet, you meant it. And honestly, you didn’t say all those things in a jokingly manner. It was a serious, pissed off tone. But why? Why are you like that? To say all those hurtful words only to try and mend it after that? What’s the point?

I felt so tired. Drained, in fact. I’ve been trying to do, prepare and arrange all the things as much as possible because you didn’t volunteer to take it up, thus, I had to. But that doesn’t give me the power to decide everything. Fine, I can understand. And so I gave you my suggestions, my point of view, the kind of things I want. And then after that you went ahead to say that I always insisted on things that what I want. Yes, probably I did. Because I want it to look nice, which you asked me to. You want it nice, you want it cheap, you want it safe. You want everything to be perfect but yet it somehow never crossed your mind that it’s hardly possible. Am I unreasonable on all the things that I insisted? I wanted a nice and good mattress. Why? Because it’s really comfortable and to me, it’s worth it because that’s the place where you get to relax after a hard day’s work. But it doesn’t just benefit me, alone. I wanted the wall to be hacked. Why? because it really looks nicer with that glass and more spacious. I wanted that fridge. Why? Because it really looks nicer. If you were to ask me, of course I would want something that is nicer. Isn’t that logical? Wouldn’t you want that too? I wanted the shower screen in the common toilet. Why? Because it helps to keep the toilet a bit more dry and prevent water from all over the place and somehow seems safer. Is that wrong? 

Stupid pig! Which planet are you actually from??!!!

*pissed after being reprimanded for something trivial, and not for the first time*

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