Movie – Horrible Bosses

I think I forgave people too easily. Just a hug, a kiss and an agreement to watch a movie – Horrible Bosses (starring Jennifer Aniston as one of the bosses), and I totally forgotten about the nags and craps that he gave for the past few days. Damn!

Well, maybe it wasn’t a bad thing to forgive someone so easily. I mean, what’s the point of getting yourself all pissed off for such a long time right? Some more with a person whom you will probably face for the rest of your life. Life is short, isn’t it better to be happier?

Alright, so here goes my views for this movie. It’s a comedy, about 3 good friends whom, in their eyes, have horrible bosses. But actually in fact, especially when the boss is Jennifer Aniston, it doesn’t all seem really bad (to probably most normal guys). Anyway, like I mentioned, all 3 of them have horrible bosses, and one fine day, one of them made a remark on attempting to kill their bosses. And thus, a mission was started to seek for a killer. But somehow, they ended up with a guy who, instead of promising them to be the killer, he only advised on how they should go about doing it. That’s how they came up with the plan to kill each other’s bosses.

As they tried to gather information on each other’s bosses, a lot of funny things happened. But because of some of these things, on the actual day that they intended to kill these bosses, one of their bosses went to kill the other! Oh yes, that’s the big twist in this movie and that’s about it. That’s the whole story.

So… if it’s for Jennifer Aniston, you definitely have to watch it. No, she’s not really the main character in this movie but is definitely one boss where you won’t ever forget, and a character that’s somewhat different from the other movies that she starred in. But otherwise, it’s just a comedy where you get to laugh out, LOUD. Definitely better than those Jack Black movies. At least the jokes ain’t that lame. But of well, different people likes different thing. I don’t mind watching Jack Black movies, but ain’t really a supporter of him.

3 out of 5. Another 0.5 for Jennifer!

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