Blog #0124

I’m not a person that likes to be involved in politics but this is just getting a little bit too much – Singapore’s Presidential Election (PE), when you saw and heard news from everywhere, everyday. 4 person fighting for 1 seat. And out of that 4, 2 of the candidates doesn’t seem that qualified. And the other 2, one seems so fake, and there’s only one more left.

And then, the results came so close. A mere less than 8,000 votes between the first and second candidates. A president with only 35% of votes. Uproars on media like facebook. There should be a final round instead. I wonder… if there’s actually a fair count, or if any conspiracy were involved.

But does it matter? No it doesn’t. Why? Because this is the game played by the people at the top, sadly. And this somehow, probably, just probably, applies to almost every country.

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