Food – Ichiban Tei @ Robertson Quay

This was the second time that I came here to eat. Fantastic? No, not exactly. Just a normal slightly expensive restaurant to me. Then why do I came back another time? Well, there wasn’t much Japanese food around and the group of friends were too tired and lazy to go searching around for other types of food. So here I am, for the second time.

The first impression previously was bad. I was with another friend. Ordered some noodle and either I wasn’t feeling that well on that night or the bowl of noodle was really damn salty. Thus, this time, I ordered their salmon & beef steak on a hotplate instead. Oh yes, it sure was HOT!

The waiters brought some paper aprons for us before that, and we were still wondering what’s the purpose for. But anyway, luckily we wore it because when the hotplate came, the oil started to splatter around. Bad decision. Though it tasted quite alright but I had a hard time trying to keep myself from getting a “fright” from the splattered oil that fell onto my hands. And of course, eating the food with my body a little away from the hotplate just doesn’t make the whole experience nice. Fun and interesting probably (initially), but definitely not for the whole meal.

Verdict from other friends? It’s not too bad. Like I mentioned previously, the food is okay. Nothing fantastic. So where am I? I’m at the Ichiban Tei, located at The Quayside (Robertson Quay), along the river, rather near to Studio M (a really nice loft-looking hotel).

Will I recommend this? Don’t really think so unless you don’t feel like eating any other food over there. There’s really quite a varieties of restaurants so… *silence*

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