Thoughts – Getting Old with Age

My parents used to tell this to me when I was young – next time when you grow old, then you will understand. Now you’ve got a lot of energy, we shall see that in future.

How true those words were.

No, of course I’m not really that old yet but I can feel the difference already. I’m 31 this year. Since 3-4 years back, I’ve been starting to feel the difference, bit by bit. Not really that much, just slight ones. But this year, it seems bad. Have I gone to the stage where my body is deteoriating at a higher speed?

I used to be able to sleep at the wee hours, after a whole day of event, and then to wake up early the next morning, feeling FRESH. But now, if I were to do that, my body aches and my whole day will be gone. What’s worse, fine lines can be seen appearing under my eyes and I’ll need to do some “rescue” work. And it doesn’t stop there.

Even if you tried to sleep early the next day, the next few days doesn’t seem that good either! And then a visit to the doctor again reaffirmed the fact that sleeping early is important as the health is badly affected.

Sometimes, at this age, it’s not that you don’t wish to go out late or even just to go out. It’s like, even if the mind agrees to it, the body just couldn’t keep up to it anymore.

When was the last time I felt this greatly? I went clubbing and danced for the whole night quite a long while ago. Ended up muscles aching for the next few days. It’s terrible.

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