Food – Western Food @ Hougang

Just went for a massage and am now back at Hougang, having a late dinner with a friend. He wanted something less filling and thus brought me to this familiar coffeeshop at Hougang (Block 805), near to Hougang Point, where he ordered a chicken chop. I, too, ordered that, though I should order fish & chips instead since it’s a lot easier to eat.

Why familiar? Because I remembered when I was still in my secondary school years (which was like more than 15 years ago), I used to come here quite often. But well, nothing much seems to have change.

Anyway, the food came and I got quite a big shock. Hadn’t expected such a big plate of chicken chop with so many bits of side dishes. Nonetheless, I tucked in and after 30 minutes of struggling, I gave up. Couldn’t finished that whole plate.

Yes, the quantity is quite a lot. As for the taste, it wasn’t too bad except that the sauce doesn’t really tasted as nice. Otherwise, it’s definitely good for that price.

As for accessibility, well, it’s just a 5 minutes walk from the MRT, if you know the direction, so it shouldn’t be that bad. Just remember, it’s near to Hougang Point, and you’ll probably find your way there.

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