Movie – The Smurfs

La la la la la la… la la la la la… It’s definitely Smurf-astic!

Smurfs, cartoon characters that accompanied me (and probably a lot of us) through my childhood days. Tonight, I went to watch the movie, after it disappeared for a damn long time, and it sure was worth it!

The small blue characters, each with different personalities but yet coming together as a village. And of course, there’s the bad Gargamel that forever want to catch the smurfs! This time, instead of watching them in a 2D flat screen, it’s 3D with humans!

So part of the story goes like that… The Smurfs were having some kind of celebration and Papa Smurf tried to look at the prophecy. But he couldn’t view it all as Clumsy Smurf came to disrupt him, and all he knew was, a lot of Smurfs were caught, and it seems to be because of Clumsy Smurf.

So then, in order to prevent Clumsy Smurf from getting into any trouble, he told him to stay away from the preparation. Clumsy Smurf, feeling depressed, went to pluck some berries instead of listening to Papa Smurf. But who knows, as he was picking, Gargamel saw him and chased after him, which somehow lead Gargamel into their hidden village.

Thus, Gargamel, went into the village and started chasing and catching the Smurfs. And in the event of running away, a few of them, namely Papa Smurf, Smurfette, Clumsy, Brainy, Grouchy and Gutsy Smurf (a new character that was created for this movie), fell into a portal, and from there, they were transferred from their magical world, into our world. Gargamel, who was chasing them, came too.

This was where the movie really started, and then it basically shows how they got to know a couple, and how they managed to get away from Gargamel again.

Yes, it’s definitely a MUST WATCH! Especially if you are around my age and Smurfs had been your childhood friend. For now, I’ll see if I can catch hold of the songs by the Smurfs. I used to have it in casette tape but… *pout*

Well, after I came out of the cinema, I realised there were more adults (of my age) than kids. That clearly

explains why huh!

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