Blog #0128

In the midst of trying to bury myself and move on, I’m lost once again. The outcome of 3 months worth of 180 degress of rapid changes had wiped out almost everything that I had wanted and planned to do previously. The pace is way too fast for me to sort and arrange things properly, though it did assist in reducing the number of sleepless nights and puffy eyes.

There’s still a few more months to go, and I can’t continue to live such a messy and unbalanced life – work + personal (us & myself). It’s really time to sort things out again. After all, this is my life. I ain’t going to let anyone ruined it, am I? So… what am I pending with now?

(1) Clearing up of the sh*t at work from the handovers
(2) Coming up with the plans and policies for future enforcement
(3) Learning a new project management tool
(4) Do up the small lovey dovey nest
(5) Planning for “Min.i.Zhu”
(6) Oh honey honey moon!
(7) Project B. and Project M.
(8) Updates & launch of my websites (those in view) – Women de Loft, Min.i.Zhu, La Fashion Confession, Middalot
(9) Earning of the PDUs for my PMP
(10) Writing for Children
(11) Character Design & Development
(12) Understanding the metaphysics and more
(13) Clearing up of my hdd(s) and room. Oh yes, not related but they are linked by the messiness. Sometimes I really hate to be IT-savvy

That’s it. I dare not list out more. But at least these are the overview of the more important and major ones. I’ll need time and plan for all of these. So how? Where am I to start? 2 more days left of planning time. That will means today and tomorrow before I start to execute all of it.

*takes a deep breath*

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