Food – Workshop Lunch @ St. Regis

Today is a day where I attended a Simulation Workshop held at St. Regis. Oh yes, St. Regis. A place that I had always wanted to go and try out the food or stay for a night ever since it was built rather recently in Singapore. It’s just that, probably the time, finance and the person around doesn’t seem to match well together.

Nonetheless, today, I’m rather happy to be able to attend a workshop there and see exactly how grand and nice it is. And yes, I wasn’t disappointed at all, at least from the moment that I stepped in, and was greeted by the bellboy, till the nice and beautifully decorated restroom.

And after a whole morning of role-playing, now it’s the time for lunch! Guess what I had? Pita with chicken, served and completed with wedges, salad with smoked salmon, mixed vegetable creamy soup and a dessert! Honestly, this was the first time that I had such a sumptuous lunch for all those seminars/workshops that I had attended. And not to mention the breakfast that I had just now, which includes some dim sum and kuehs.

If this is the standard that the hotel have for all the food that they served, seriously, I think you should try for it. But *laughter* I doubt it’s going to be that cheap either. So, maybe it’s a little wise to check out the price if the cost is an issue to you.

For me, I guess I’m just a little fortunate enough to try it out today without paying a cent. But if in the future, I got a chance to have my meals here, I wouldn’t give it a miss. GO FOR IT!

Oh right, in case you are wondering where’s St. Regis, it’s located near to the end (or start) of Orchard, somewhere near to Tanglin Mall. But that’s about 10-15 minutes walk from Orchard Mrt. Enjoy!

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