Shopping – Pinc @ Plaza Singapura

I just finished a gel-ly session with my gf. *LOL* Okay, never mind. My brain is probably a little too stone and slow to think of something funny. Anyway, I’m at Pinc, located at level 3 of Plaza Singapura, doing my manicure and pedicure. Didn’t really know that I’m in for a gel-ly session until I reached.

Well, my definition of a gel-ly session? Basically it’s using gel polish instead of the normal nail polish. And the effect? Well, to consider that this is the first time that I’m doing this, it definitely looks amazing to me. It’s like, you put on the coat of gel polish, put your hands/feet under the UV machine for 30-40 seconds and repeat another time and tada! It’s TOTALLY DRY!

Definitely a time-saver but surely not a cost saver. As I supposed with the new equipment and what not, it cost almost double the price as the normal ones! But at least, that’s the cost over here, at Pinc. And of course, other than the time, I was told that it’s firstly, more lasting, and secondly, a lot more shinier than the normal ones. Another downside of it? There seems to be a need to “wrap” your toes and fingers in some solution so as to remove the gel polish.

But will I go for it again? Or would I recommend it? Well, at this point, I’m not too sure. As I mentioned, this product is relatively new. My concerns are, the UV and solution used for removing the gel polish, is it safe? From my knowledge, anything that is exposed to UV rays (or any sort of rays), doesn’t seem to be a really good thing, and could lead to damages of the cells. So by putting your fingers/toes under the UV machine, will that damage anything. If yes, how much or will it be just the minimal?

Alright, I might be the paranoid type, but I would rather be safe than sorry. So… I wrote down my honest opinions. If it’s me, I probably might reconsider going for the gel polish, especially if it’s going to be often. But it’s entirely up to you, bottom line is, as long as you are comfortable and happy with it.

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