Thoughts – A “Crafty” Me

No, my crafty doesn’t mean cunning. It just meant that I love to do crafts, a lot, or at least, things that are creative. It’s me, and a big part of me.

As I sat in the living room, idling on a Friday night with no dates at all, except helping my cousin out on her website, I decided to take out the few cloth roses that I bought on Wednesday, for the corsages that I’ll me making for my sisters on my wedding.

Oh yes, I’m making those on my own. Firstly, to save the money and secondly, it seems a little more thoughtful.

And go I went digging out all my “barang barang” and finally got 3 boxes of beads, ribbons, yarns etc. Then I went on to try out and see how I can mix around. My theme – White & Red. Finally, I ended up with a really simple design before we (my family) decided to go for a supper at the McDonald’s nearby.

How do I feel? Wonderful! It’s been such a long time since I did any crafts at all. The last time I ever did something creative was probably the course on Fashion Illustration, which subsequently after that, I’m too busy to do anything else at all.

But tonight, because of this, I managed to touch on it again. And suddenly I felt that I’m found. This, the crafts, are still the things that I like to do, or maybe at least anything creative – drawings, paintings, designing etc. And there’s always that great sense of satisfaction and joy.

What I’m trying to say is… in the midst of working, pressures from families, friends, colleagues, and societies. A lot of us are lost, and will continue to be lost and get stuck in the world out there, trying to survive and lead a normal life. But at times, please do take some time and reconnect with your inner self, even if it’s only for a short while. Do the things that you like and wish to do.

As I’d always said, you only get to live once, do you actually want to live as if you are not living at all? This is your life. Treasure it.

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