Movie – Contagion

Oh crap. I felt like I’d just watched a documentary.

15 minutes into the movie, and I started to yawn. And I thought by looking at the title of the movie, it would be something really interesting.

Alright. This movie, Contagion, starring quite a number of relatively famous actors/actresses, including Jude Law, Kate Winslet, Gwyneth Paltrow etc., is generally about how virus/diseases are probably spread, and what does WHO (World Health Organisation) and the respective Health Groups, such as CDC, did when a virus/diseases are found. And so this movie started with Gwyneth Paltrow going back home from a trip, sick. She then later pass it to her son, who also got sick. And one day, a news broke and a Japanese guy fell dead on a bus for some reasons. This was followed by a few more death cases, including Gwyneth Paltrow and her son.

Thus, from there, the CDC, WHO etc. started to send people out to investigate on the root cause, the level of danger etc. Basically, as a normal citizen, you will hear something like when SARS or H1N1 occurred. There’ll be daily monitoring and updates of the diseases. But for this case, there’s a blogger (Jude Law), who actually used online media to spread information that is not true, and from there, earn money from it. Robberies occurred everywhere. Workers stop working. Rationing started. Basically, it’s chaotic and an epidemic started until a lady from the CDC finally came up with the vaccine, after attempts to invent it.

So… no, I won’t recommend it. The whole movie seems flat. There’s hardly anything that’s interesting. Yes, it’s rather good to know how and what does the different groups of people do during an outbreak of a disease, but otherwise, that’s about it.

And hmmm… why the one that started this disease, must be from Macau. And the group of people that kidnapped the gal from the WHO are from Hong Kong. Hmmm… doesn’t seem that nice in a way. Or maybe, it’s supposed to be a norm? I don’t know. I think it’s probably just me.

Anyway, not a really nice movie. Can skip if you want.

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