Shopping – Hoe Kee @ Tanjong Katong Complex

It’s definitely a last minute thing, to buy it so late but I would rather go get it now, then missed the promotion (saves about $150) which I’m not too sure when it will end. Well, I’m at Tanjong Katong Complex, rather near to Paya Lebar MRT. Just came out from Hoe Kee Hardware Pte Ltd, located at level 1, just at the main entrance of this complex.

This, definitely is not the main branch nor showroom. There’s another showroom at Genting Road which closes rather early. But nonetheless, there’s quite a lot of varieties over here. In case you were wondering what it sells, well, this shop basically sells all the taps, basins, sinks, shower heads, toilet accessories etc. It’s one of the cheaper shops (and bigger) that I’d seen so far. As for the varieties, it wasn’t too bad, unless you are looking for those designer types, then probably you might encounter some problem. Otherwise, this place should be fairly enough.

Anyway, we came here to buy a kitchen sink that we saw previously in their showroom – granite sink from Blanco. Oh no, it’s not totally made from granite. There’s probably only around 80% of granite and the rest, I’m not too sure what materials are that. But it somehow looks nicer and different from the usual stainless steel sink. We didn’t take long to purchase it since we saw that quite a while ago, and the promotional price is at S$428, which was quite reasonable to us.

That’s it. We got our kitchen sink and it’ll be delivered on the coming Friday. Another thing down! *phew* I’m so freaking tired.

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