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It’s a bad day. A BAD BAD DAY. And I think the intelligence of human beings might be getting worse such that they can’t even communicate or give clear instructions. Oh no, it’s not applicable to a certain country nor race, nor age. It’s worldwide for all human beings.

Sigh… So that’s how my bad day started…

Half way to work as I reached the MRT, I had a stomachache. So I went to the toilet, which unfortunately, was “Cleaning in Progress”. I didn’t really want to go elsewhere and from my knowledge, there wasn’t any nearby toilet, and thus I decided to approach the cleaning lady (China Chinese) nicely, and asked if I could use it.

Her: “In front, just nearby, there’s another one.”
Me: “In front where? This direction (pointing straight)?”
Her: “Here, just nearby only.”

I was a little frustrated and didn’t bother to ask further because clearly enough, even though she’s replying in mandarin, it wasn’t a full and complete sentence, with little information. And so, I proceed to walk in the direction, which I pointed (otherwise, there’s only the direction which I came from and there wasn’t any toilet).

Then as I reached the other side of the MRT, there wasn’t anymore route and so I had to go up. An attempt to ask a passerby was a mistake because she totally have no idea. Never mind. I left and asked the lady (SG Chinese) who was distributing the newspaper. Great.

Me: “Sorry, do you know where’s the toilet?”
Her: “Here don’t have. The MRT don’t have. You have to go straight, then there’s a arrow pointing to the basement.

The toilet is there.”
Me: “Oh ok, this direction right?”

She nodded. I didn’t want to risk walking without finding a toilet, and so I asked the cashier (SG Malay) at the nearby 7-11 and unreluctantly she replied.

Her: “Go straight then down to the basement.”

By this time, the drizzle in my stomach had become a thunderstorm. I fasten my pace down the path and couldn’t find any toilet until I turned to the left, and stare at the building. Great. I saw the signboard that states “Toilet”.

But sadly, as I was about to walk down, an uncle came up from the stairs and said, “The door is locked”. I couldn’t think further and dashed into the level 1 door, and to the Security Guard. Asked the 2 old uncles (SG Indian and Chinese), and this was their replies (at the same time).

Him 1: “Level 2” & some ramblings
Him 2: “Level 2” & some ramblings
Me: “Okay, level 2, thank you.”
Him 1: “Go here (pointing to God knows where)”
Me: “Huh?”
Him2: “He meant go this way”
Me: “But…”

I stood for a while and stare at the direction where he’s pointing. There’s nothing except a lift. And so I took it. There, I reached and saw a cleaner (China Chinese) and asked. Thankfully, this was the first person who gave me clear instructions.

Him: “You go to that corner, then continue the path, and then turn another corner, and you will reach.”

Thanks to the cleaner lady at the start, it took me about 10-15 minutes to find a toilet that’s so-called NEARBY. And with me totally wet throughout after almost running in search of a nearby toilet.

Am I speaking an alien language here? Welcome to my bad day.

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