Trying to get pregnant for the first time? And there hasn’t been much luck? Here are some tips to follow which might help you in one way or another:

(1) Stop taking cold drinks. No means no, be strict on this or else it’s going to “cool” your womb such that it becomes weak. It’s a myth? Who cares as long as it really does help!

(2) Get into the mood. Okay, fine, it’s difficult especially if you’d tried for quite a while and all the mood had long been gone. But just TRY. It’s going to help the body relax quite a bit.

(3) Relax. Go for a holiday. It’s good. Body really needs to relax in order for you to get pregnant. Who wants to stay in a house where one can feel the tension even from the inside?

(4) Positioning. *Cough* It matters, really. Just imagine shortening the “Journey to the Womb”. If you are wondering which position is the best, googled for “Missionary Position”. Remember to put a pillow underneath your butt.

(5) Gravity helps. A continuation from the above. DO NOT stand up right after that. Yes, you might feel a little dirty, but gravity does really help in this case, IF you are lying down.

(6) Ovulation. For those ladies with a regular menses, guess what, it’s definitely a lot easier for you to count your ovulation period, which for most people, generally it’s around the 14th day from the first day of your last menses. Basal body temperature can also be used to detect the ovulation period.

(7) Once every 3 days. Of course, you can’t be doing it everyday (for most people)¬†especially when both are working. So here’s one nice tip, try at least once every 3 days, for 2 weeks from the end of your last menses. Good for those who are lazy to think and calculate. Reason? Sperms can live up to 3-7 days, so let’s just take the minimum number of days it lives in the uterus and inject more after that. And the 2 weeks should be suffice enough to cover the ovulation period.

(8) Sleep & eat healthy. Exercise too. Again, the baby needs a nice home (the womb). If it ever detects that it’s not good, it wouldn’t even want to stay inside.

(9) Detox. If you like to drink, good, it’s time to stop. If you smoke too, great, stop this too! Both of this can actually reduce the chance of getting pregnant. Furthermore, it helps you to save money too once you stop. So, why not!

(10) Healthy him. You know, it’s definitely not fair at all if all the responsibilities fall on the female. And yes, it definitely isn’t just about the female, the dad-to-be has got to do some controllings too. So, make sure he eats healthy and exercise too so that the sperm and count is healthy.

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