Blog #0134

Alright, the time is 4.51pm and I’m unofficially “off”, casting my work aside and taking a short break till the end of work. Well, it’s a Friday so I guess most of us will be rather happy, isn’t it? Me? Oh yes, as much as my schedule for tomorrow will be TOTALLY packed, I’m still glad it’s Friday and I can take a breather off from work.

I’ll be going down for food tasting later on, with both families and honestly, I still feel weird and not exactly¬†THAT excited. In fact, none at all. Finds it rather a chore but due to circumstances, I don’t seem to have much choices. Sometimes I really wish I can make do without all these traditional customs etc. But of well, I’m born in this generation where most part of the people still need to go through it. I can only thank God that my mum wasn’t the one that forced me into it. *suck thumb*

A glance at my schedule tomorrow really kind of freak me out. But it’s either that all both weekends burned. So I guess I would rather push everything and do it tomorrow instead. Here’s a peek at it:

0800 – Wake up & wash up
0900 – Register for ROM (damn)
1000 – Print invitation cards
1130 – View fridge @ Harvey Norman
1230 – Lunch
1400 – See PD door @ Balestier
1445 – Buy basin, taps & shower rains @ Geylang
1600 – Check out on status of renovation
1700 – Prepare for Friend’s Wedding Dinner
1900 – Friend’s Wedding Dinner
2359 – Bathe & sleep

Well, that’s what I planned and provided there’s no hiccups. I desperately needed some good rest. Health doesn’t seem as good recently so… let’s pray hard that I get to rest this Sunday.

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