Food – Peony Jade @ Keppel Club

Okay, this will be the place where I’m going to hold my wedding banquet. And today, I’m here to try out the food that will be served on my actual wedding. Going to cut the crap short, so I’m going to go straight into it.

Accessibility? Terrible, especially if you don’t drive. This restaurant, Peony Jade, is located at Keppel Club, which is slightly further from Harbourfront Centre (if you come from the East). But the problem is, this club is located all the way in, and near to the sea. Which means, if you were to take a bus, you will alight along the main road, and probably have to walk at least 15-20 minutes before you will reach. Even if you were to drive, there wasn’t a lot of parking space. A multistorey carpart nearby, will need another 5 minutes walk down to the restaurant itself.

Food? This wasn’t too bad except that the quantity doesn’t seem a lot. I’m not too sure was it because the plates all seems a little too big. Probably they should just switch it to a smaller plate, so that it makes the quantity a little bit more. But the taste is definitely not too bad.

Price? Well… it was acceptable. Not too expensive or cheap.

As for a location for wedding banquet. This restaurant (at level 2, just a staircase up), can only hold up to 25 tables. And there’s at least 2-3 tables that will be blocked, and won’t be able to view the one and only projector in front. Otherwise, it’s not too bad and the wedding coordinator is definitely friendly. The best thing, they don’t really “control” or “restrict” too many things. You’ll know when you try to hold your wedding there.

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