Blog #0137

Heehee… my Bebe’s so nice and sweet today. Helping me to plan on things and such. I wonder if tonight’s moon is blue… *LOL*

Anyway, just shifted my seat this morning, to somewhere right in front of my boss. Well, wasn’t really a problem with the seat. The problem today was my vendor, from India. After clarifying a lot of things from one of our users, I realised our vendor really did a sucky job! “This isn’t really a problem, you just need a workaround.” Damn. They actually dared to say this out. And the solutions that they provided, amazingly lasted only for a few days and suddenly just stopped working. It feels like… a pre-paid card that will last only for $20. Once the value is up, the card is as good as nothing.

Been feeling kind of aching in some parts of my body. Damn… I think either I’m really getting old, or something weird is happening.

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