Movie – Johnny English Reborn

This is so freaking funny!!! It was so funny till there’s some part of the movie, I couldn’t hear the conversation in the movie because the laughter in the whole cinema was so loud! *LOL* But yes, it’s definitely a damn funny movie!

I just finished watching “Johnny English Reborn”. Sounds familiar? Oh yes, it’s the one acted by Mr Bean (starring Rowan Atkinson)! Ha! Don’t tell me you have no idea who is Mr Bean! If you don’t, then hmmm… something probably is a bit wrong. Well, anyway, this is part 2, a sequel to the part 1 – Johnny English, which I never watch before but apparently it doesn’t really matter because it’s still as funny! And as can be seen from the title, this movie is just about Johnny English, an ex-agent (in Part 1, he was an agent).

So basically, Johnny English did something disgraceful and thus, went into “hiding” at Tibet, where he learned how to separate his mind and body, with all the monks in Tibet. And in this part of the movie, it definitely is a funny one, and will link to some of the things that he’s going to do later on in the movie. Then somehow, Johnny English was requested to go back to join MI7, where an investigation was carried out on the assasination of a Chinese PM.

And during the course of the investigation, as usual, Johnny English made a lot of cock-ups and mistakes, and in the end, he was framed by the double agent. But luckily things somehow turned and ended well…

This is definitely a movie for you to laugh your heart’s out after a day of work. Just by looking at his action, I think it’s funny enough. The always-think-he’s-very-intelligent look that somehow will most likely end up in a fault.

Nothing much to say more about this movie. Just go watch it!

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