Movie – Crazy, Stupid, Love

I’ll definitely recommend this movie! *thumbs up!*

A romance comedy, but yet at the same time, quite a touching one for certain scenes. It’s a movie about this couple (starring Steve Carell as Cal Weaver, and Julianne Moore as Emily Weaver) who got married at a very young age. At the start of the movie, both of them were having a dinner at a restaurant when suddenly Emily said that she wanted a divorce. And apparently, Emily slept with one of her colleagues and thus she wanted a divorce. At the same time, back at home, their 2 children are at home with the baby sitter. Who knows, their elder son actually likes the baby sitter who is 4 years older than him. So when the 2 of them got back, they told them that they are divorcing.

As the days passed, Cal shifted out and went drinking and whining every night at a bar. That’s where he got to meet a guy, Jacob Palmer (starring Ryan Gosling), who later on taught Cal how to pick girls up. Cal, who is very rich, always hangs out in the bar to pick girls out. And before that, there’s only a time where he tried to pick this girl, Hannah (starring Emma Stone), and failed. So the story begins, continues and when it starts to unfold… I’m quite sure you’ll be in for a little surprise (provided you never heard of the story somewhere or watched it).

Though it’s supposed to me a comedy, it actually resembles some of the truth of life, at least to me. Often, the life of married couples seem to go downhill as time passes, and to a point where they probably don’t understand why they should continue to stay with each other. And the easier way out is probably just to divorce. But at times I’ll just wonder, is that the right thing to do? Of course, if you are talking about abusive partners etc, yes, you definitely have to. But if there’s a chance to work things out, why not just give both another chance? At least, you won’t live with regrets.

Go watch, it’s really nice, and funny too.

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