Food – Sizzler @ Suntec

Craving for something light and healthy? Why not try the salad bar that’s available at Sizzler?

Yes, it’s Sizzler. A restaurant, to me, that seems to be in Singapore for a really long time. I remembered I used to enjoy the food there, until a point where suddenly it’s price seems to be way over my at-that-point budget.

Anyway, today, we (my boyfriend and I) thought of having something light and since he’s trying to be on a diet (and we also got a 1-for-1 discount coupon), so here we are – the salad bar.

For just plainly a salad bar, seriously I would say, there’s quite a wide varieties, ranging from vegetables, to chicken cubes, pasta and mee, soups and many more… and if you ain’t really a meat eater, I’m quite sure this should be relatively enough.

But beware… because as I tugged into the food. I realised that other than the soup, everything seems cold. Oh yes, of course it’s cold! It’s the salad bar! DUH! Well, like I said, I guess you have to be mentally prepared on what you will be eating.

And another thing which I don’t like. The caesar salad tasted a little weird that day. Not too sure what, but at least 1/3 of the food that I took, I didn’t finish it because of the taste.

The cost is alright, since it’s a 1-for-1. For the salad bar, it should be around $20/pax. I wonder if it’s possible for two person who are both small eaters, to just order and share a main course, which comes with salad bar. Hmmm…

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