Food – Claypot Laksa @ Alexandra Village

*Yum* *Yum*

I’m currently having the delicious claypot laksa at Alexandra Village for my lunch with my college friends. SUPERB! The stall is rather easily located as it’s at the side, facing the shops. If you have no idea where is Alexandra Village, search for either IKEA Alexandra or Queensway Shopping Centre. It’s just around that area.

Anyway, the laksa gravy is not too thick nor thin. It’s just nice with the thick bee hoon soft and silky, and seems to “coat” it’s surface with the gravy.

We were rather lucky that day probably due to the rain, thus the queue wasn’t really that long, and we didn’t need to wait for a long time. Otherwise, if it’s during lunch time, the queue is definitely long.

The price seems reasonable too – at either $4 or $5. If you don’t eat the shellfish, change it, they’ll give you chicken instead.

Nice food, good price, not really that accessible but still relatively okay. And you get to go for a walk at IKEA (furniture) or Queensway Shopping Centre (sports wear, spectacles) if you want to.

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