Food – Crystal Jade Korean Ginseng Chicken & BBQ @ Centrepoint

The good thing about Korean food? They always serve a free flow of the cold dishes, which definitely includes the kimchi (spicy seasoned vegetables).

I’m having my dinner at the Crystal Jade Korean Ginseng Chicken & BBQ, which is located at level 4 of Centrepoint. In this restaurant, you can either choose to eat the BBQ food or somethign healthier. Of course, I chose the healthier one.

So in my dinner for today (with my boyfriend), we had a ginseng chicken, a simple fried vegetables and 6 cold dishes, which included the kimchi, small cucumber, egg, deep fried small prawns, bean sprouts and spinach (I think).

The soup was very refreshing. The food tasted nice. The service and waiting time was quite alright too. Overall, it was definitely a better experience compared to the last time that I came, when I wasn’t really much into Korean food yet.

Oh yes, almost forgot to mention. In the chicken, there’s actually glutinous rice too! And after being cooked in the soup for so long, the glutinous rice sure tasted a little different.

It’s very filling to have a whole chicken just for 2 person but the price was relatively reasonable for a restaurant. Can try if you want to. Don’t think it will be that crowded too. At least for the two times that I came, it’s always not really that crowded. I do hope it doesn’t close down soon because I still feel like eating it. *LOL*

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