Food – Tajimaya @ Vivocity

Right, we are being downright irritating but it’s definitely fun to irritate some friends at times! I just had a dinner with my college friends at Tajimaya at Vivocity, a Japanese BBQ restaurant located at level 1, somewhere nearer to the sea. Anyway, one of my friends had suggested to come to this place for dinner tonight, but at the last minute, he couldn’t make it. We still continued and deliberately sent him images of the food that we ate. I can tell you, he was really annoyed.

Well, the food, surprisingly, was rather good. It looks simple and plain, and as if it’s not marinated but after it’s being BBQ-ed, it tasted really nice, though a little salty for me.

But then, the service was a little way too slow. The food, and remembering that it’s still uncooked, came only half an hour after we ordered, when there’s not much crowd. I wondered why do they need so much time just to put those raw food on plates.

And then, it’s not exactly that cheap. We took the ala carte menu because the set course seems way too much. Though, according to a friend, their lunch menu was so much cheaper because they have some lunch special set.

Another good thing about this place? Their ventilation is definitely better than… Seoul Garden? At least, when I came out of that place, after BBQ-ing for at least an hour, I don’t smelled like a walking-food.

Good to try, but probably not often as it’s too much on the wallet.

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