Thoughts – Pain in the Eyes

A person who truly loves you and knows you is someone who sees the pain in your eyes while everyone else still believes in the smile on your face – someone, somewhere

Saw this posted by a friend on his Facebook. How true.

Most people nowadays, in my eyes, are rather shallow. I wondered if they stay together because of love, or for other reasons. They don’t see each other’s pains or needs, and focused their attention on themselves. And as time goes by, the problem amplified. Communications broke down and probably they chose to wear a mask to cover their unhappiness from then on. Otherwise, it’s you and me, and not us anymore.

Yes, it’s the mask – a smile. It’s easy to smile and let the others believe that you are happy. You can even act it out with some actions and behaviours┬áto let them trust that you are truly happy. But if someone really loves you, no matter what you do, he/she can feel it.

Have you seen that pain before? I did. Without any words nor actions. It’s amazing how love sometimes works. To feel exactly what the other person is feeling without saying anything. There’s no need to because love connects the both of you.

To see the pain in the eyes of your loved ones isn’t exactly that good a thing. For sometimes, you can’t help him/her at all. The feeling of helplessness will probably leave you drained and hurt too.

But at the very┬áleast, if you are the one in pain and knew that someone actually knows how you feel, it’s comforting enough especially if he/she understands your pain and is willing to help. And if you are on the other side, just tell yourself to try your best to help where possible… That’s probably the best you can do…

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