Food – Moo Bar & Grill @ McCallum Street

I’m waiting patiently now at the Moo Bar & Grill located at 21 McCallum Street, just opposite Amoy Food Market. Sigh…

Was supposed to meet the groom-to-be at 2.30pm, to take a shot at the place where we met in 2006. But then he was late and ended up, my sister, her friend and I had to wait for him. There weren’t much restaurants with air-con that was open for business on a Sunday there, so we ended up here. After all, what can we expect on a Sunday in a Business District area where there’s mainly offices around.

So here we are, drinking Erdinger in the middle of an afternoon and eating some munchies – whitebait and wings. And starring at the groom-to-be who just arrived after letting us wait for 30 minutes, excluding the fact that he changed the time previously from 2pm to 2.30pm already.

Okay, this was a rather small restaurant, with probably only capacity for 30 people. There wasn’t much crowd today. Only a couple reading their own books, and another couple chatting, and then one individual working on something. That’s about it.

But with this small crowd, our food came really late…

We ordered at around 2.30pm, the beer came at 2.45pm, but the food came only at 3pm, and that was the whitebait. The wings came much later. The food was just alright only, nothing fantastic. Varieties weren’t that great. It’s more of a bar to me than a restaurant.

Definitely not for me. Don’t think I’ll go there again. The only good thing is, it saved me from the rather hot sun on a Sunday afternoon in a CBD (Central Business District).

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