Blog #0142

Sigh… I think it’s just my luck. It’s alright if I never get to win an iPad 2, since I never get to win anything in lucky draw. But why do I need to be bitten?

I was walking and waiting at a traffic light with my mum, sister and auntie, and am on my way to my company’s D&D when I suddenly felt a sharp pain around my knee area and naturally just swept my hand off my knee, where I knew I hit something but ain’t sure what it is. The next moment, the pain grew and I was limping across the road, complaining of the pain at every step.

Right. I just got bitten by I-have-no-idea-what.

Now there’s some puses. Is it poisonous? I’m not too sure. Will try and observe a little while more before I decide to see a doctor or not.

Now, I’m just freaking tired after the D&D but it was definitely a fun one. And I sure missed my clubbing days.

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