Blog #0143

It’s only 2pm in the afternoon. I hadn’t done much things since the morning except to update this blog. Not the pictures yet. Haven’t got the time too. Too occupied with too many things, and I’m not feeling exactly all that good. Wish I can hug him but probably it’s not going to happen that soon yet.

Work, Personal, Finance. Messy.

I’m not mad at him nor anyone. I’m just asking for a space to breathe. With so many items on my list, the last thing that I’m hoping for is someone nagging at me constantly on my financials. Oh yes, it’s in a mess and I don’t deny it. But I simply don’t have the time to seriously look at it.

After that 6 months of ordeal, which he could and never will understand, I hadn’t had any time to really sit down, think and plan things through. It’s just waves of immediate decisions and actions – getting back together, wedding, house, mum’s birthday, which cost me both my time and money.

So how? I’m only asking for some space. Can that request be fulfilled? Sometimes I just find myself burning out soon… with so many “naggings” all around me, like houseflies and mozzies. Buzzing around.

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