Food – Hokkien Fried Prawn Noodle @ Tiong Bahru Market

Yeah, it’s time for my lunch! So freaking hungry. I’m at Tiong Bahru Market again and now there’s a plate of delicious Hokkien Fried Prawn Noodle right in front of me!

Oh, I’ve ate this before, and a lot of times too. It’s one of the nicest Hokkien Fried Prawn Noodle that I’d eaten so far, and furthermore, the price is reasonable. Not too watery nor too sticky either. But I guess it’s kind of sinful when the plate of noodle is right in front of you, because you can actually feel the amount of oil that’s inside. I haven’t tried before but maybe (just maybe) you can try asking the Uncle, who had been cooking for years, to add lesser oil. For me, I don’t really eat squids, so I’ll tell him not to add that, and he’ll gladly add more prawns and fishcake for me.

This stall doesn’t open early in the morning. Normally, it’s only open around lunch time. And it won’t open till too late either. Or at least, for the times when I was there early in the morning for breakfast or late at night for supper, this stall was always closed.

But do note that, this place, though not really near to any of the train stations, is relatively quite crowded during the peak hours – lunch and dinner. And for this stall, there’s normally a queue during that period of time. So if you want to eat this, be prepared to queue a little while. Otherwise, do go there earlier.

Best if you can share this with someone else, then you won’t find it too much. Sometimes, eating a whole place of oily food can actually make you lose appetite. Moreover, it’s not that healthy to eat too often. But sadly, quite a lot of times, nice and tasty food makes you unhealthy. That’s life! *LOL*

Hmm… seems like I haven’t tell you which stall it is. Well, it’s not really that difficult to remember. As you go up the escalator (there’s only one), turn left and you’ll reach the first stall, that is it. Yellow colour sign board (if I remember correctly – I’m not sitting right in front of it).

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