Food – IKEA Restaurant @ Tampines

Hmm… I wonder why… is it at 4.29pm in the late afternoon, there’s still such a crowd in the restaurant? I’m having my tea break cum early dinner at the restaurant in IKEA Tampines. Was thinking of avoiding the crowd so that I can FINALLY eat it here. Yes, I made a few attempts previously to take some of my meals here but gave up every time because there’s simply no seats at all. Thus, today, I thought of coming at non-peak hours and guess what? There’s hardly much seats left! I think the population of 5 million people in Singapore, is too much for the island (and probably the people originally staying there) to accept.

Anyway, am glad that at least today I won’t walk away in disappointment. And am also glad that I made the right decision to have my dinner early.

So here goes… MEATBALLS! Yes, their meat balls are nice, but that’s provided if you can eat them – beef and pork, if I’m not wrong. That’s one of their main dishes that’s forever around. The other one is their salmon, which they made some changes to it rather recently, and that was the reason that somehow made it dropped to my third favourite for IKEA Restaurant. And of course, there’s the chicken wings! Crispy and crispy, and crispy. Definitely goes well with the chilli sauce.
¬†As for the rest of the food, well, since it’s not really fixed, as in, they keep changing that 1-2 “variable dish” almost every other day, so I guess I can’t really say much about it. But normally those are rather nice too.

Well, this place is definitely not really accessible unless you drive, which is probably one of the reasons why it’s so packed – it’s FREE parking! Otherwise, it’s rather troublesome to come all the way here just to eat. The price isn’t really that cheap though, and if you are an IKEA member, please remember to collect your 2 free drinks and discount for 2 meals.

Don’t go at peak hours. The queuing for the food and waiting for the seats will probably drive you nuts, unless you are the really the patient kind.

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