Movie – Zookeeper

Oh, I’m so glad I never wasted my money to watch this movie in the cinema. No, I don’t mean it’s not nice, it’s just… not really, extremely nice such that I would want to spend my S$10 (for a weekend ticket) to watch it on a big screen.

This movie, the Zookeeper, starring Kevin James (as Griffin Keyes), is about a devoted Zookeeper who got ditched by his girlfriend, Stephanie (starring Leslie Bibb), and who tries to win back her heart thereafter. At the start of this movie, Griffin proposed to Stephanie but was rejected and what’s worse, she wanted a break-up because she finds that there’s no future being a zookeeper, and that Griffin is so boring, and his topic is always surrounded by animals.

Since then, they never contacted each other until a few years later when Griffin’s brother got married, the brother invited Stephanie. And when all the animals saw her, they decided to help Griffin win Stephanie back. Amazingly! The animals can talk! So somehow, Griffin found out and from there, the animals taught Griffin the methods of getting Stephanie back, and that’s where all the funny things begin.

Well, what can I say… the first movie where you see animals talking, you find it amazing. The second one, you’ll think it’s interesting. And then if its the third or more, it’s just… “Oh, again”. So, there’s nothing interesting about animal talking. There’s nothing much funny about animals teaching their way of methods. You’ll find Griffin really dumb at certain point. And it’s quite a typical romance story at the end of the movie. No twist nor surprises.

Just go and rent a DVD.

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