Blog #0145

I’M SO FREAKING LATE FOR WORK!!!! Terrible. And now I just stepped into the office. An hour late! Goodness. It was a bad day. Bad start.

Boyfriend woke up at 8am and asked, “Why aren’t you on your way to work yet?”. It was then that I realised that the alarm clock never rang because my handphone went totally FLAT! And how the hell would I know that! I quickly washed up and left his place at around 8.15am. My bet to choose to take a bus + MRT + cab, instead of taking a cab right at his place. Sigh… And what’s worse, my decision to choose another route made it even worse. No cabs and thus took a bus that took 30 minutes to reach my office! Handphone was flat and therefore decided to borrow the handphone from a lady that’s sitting beside me and… her handphone got no more credit (she doesn’t sound local). Tough luck, isn’t it?

Hope the rest of the day gets better…

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