Food – Shin Kushiya @ The Village

Just received a treat from one of the directors. No, I didn’t mean to be there. I thought it was just a normal lunch but who knows, she paid. Damn. Sometimes I feel so “pai seh” (embarassed) to join this lunch group because at times, they will just treat. And… it just feels weird…

Anyway, now I’m at Shin Kushiya, a Japanese restaurant located at level 2 of The Village in Serangoon Garden, with my group of colleagues, and one of them who came from Malaysia for a 2 day business trip. And so here we are, eating Japanese food. I ordered my usual Salmon Teriyaki Set Lunch (consists of quite a lot of items), which currently has some promotion going on – for the second set lunch, there’s a 50% discount of that set lunch.

And then, for the second time, I took 2 sashimi on the “encouragement” by my IT Director. Hmm… it’s not really that easy to reject it… But well, I tried – salmon and yellow tail (whatever it was). And this time round, I never put any soya sauce nor wasabi at all. Guess what? It actually tasted quite sweet…

How should I describe… there’s still the taste of the fish, when it’s cooked, but it somewhat just taste different, as in the biting part. For the raw one, it felt like you are eating something spongy. But I’m just amazed that there’s actually the taste of the respective fish!

And yes, there’s the pumpkin croquette. First time I tried it. Nice.

Overall, it’s a nice restaurant, with a nice ambience, and hardly anyone during peak hours due to it’s location – not near to any big shopping centres nor MRT stations. The total cost is about S$150 for 5 persons, but seems rather reasonable considering the fact that there’s sashimi, BBQ-ed squid etc. And good if you drive because you get to claim the parking if you spend some amount of money in a single receipt. Nice quiet place to go but don’t expect much shops around.

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